Wednesday, January 30, 2008

love life: dont get me started! ive still got my issue with guys..... ive already explained this but i need to vent yet again so sof you can hear my dilemma. here goes: i just want guys as friends, im soooo sick of meeting amazing guys, thinking we are friends and that they respect me and then boom they are trying to get into my pants. ive seriously gotten to the point where i despise men, i see them looking at me and i hate it...... i can read their minds, i know what they want. i went through the faze where i was like, ok i can use this to my advantage, i have a power blah blah blah. but im so fucking sick of it, i really just want a guy who will accept me as an equal, who wants nothing more than my firendship. it really seems so impossible........... ive met one guy, his name is duke and he is great fun..... gets me into VIP at all the clubs but we will see, its only early days...... at least i feel comfortable with him. i really have lost faith in the male race. so thats my love life.....


At February 7, 2008 at 11:08 AM , Blogger Marcel Pommiez Aqueveque said...

Shiuuuuuuu, k pashó????


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